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Book 8 of The Wandering Inn

Blood of Liscor

Blood of Liscor

Something is buried underneath Liscor. And it’s hungry.

Of course, if there were only one thing under Liscor, there would be far less to fear. However, the dungeon continues to be a threat. At the same time, Goblins continue to roam northern Izril, but not all of them are as hostile to people as Tremborag or the Goblin Lord. Will the Unseen Emperor of Riverfarm make that distinction, however?

A reckoning is coming as old faces and new reemerge. And all the while, The Wandering Inn is still serving food and respite and even plays to adventurers and Antinium alike. But something is coming from the dungeons. And it—they—are hungry.

Blood of Liscor, Book 8 of The Wandering Inn Series by pirateaba.

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