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Book 12 of The Wandering Inn

The Witch Of Webs

The Witch Of Webs

Witches cometh.

The Wind Runner is visiting Riverfarm, and Emperor Laken Godart couldn't be happier. Summer has arrived on Izril, and with it, trouble is brewing. The prosperity of the Unseen Empire has brought both enemies and unlikely allies to the north. A coven has descended upon Riverfarm, seeking a grand bargain with the [Emperor].

However, all of Ryoka and Laken's mettle may soon be tested, for these are no ordinary [Witches]. Where there is weakness, or desperation, opportunity arises. A legend has come crawling from distant Terandria. Beware the [Witches], because they belong to old ways, and even older magic.

The Witch Of Webs, Book 12 of The Wandering Inn Series by pirateaba.

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