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Book 11 of The Wandering Inn

The Titan of Baleros

The Titan of Baleros

Adventuring doesn’t ever really end, does it?

Classes evolve, roles shift, and in the city of Liscor, change is happening. The Horns of Hammerad are growing as adventurers, rising in the eyes of the city and the surrounding lands. They’ve survived, and they’ve leveled, but new levels also bring new problems. Izril is still facing turmoil as nobles fight and squabble while Liscor breathes again and heals, trying to find a new way forward.

The best cure for dark days? Games! And none know it better than the oldest adventurers, who’ve lived through countless struggles. Niers Astoragon is the greatest [Strategist] of Baleros, a leader in one of the Four Great Companies, and his students vie for his approval. They’ll compete to become the best new generation of talented leaders and commanders. Glory, mischief, and competition await!

What they’ve forgotten is that there are never low stakes with Niers. Compete for fame, compete for fun, but remember, there’s no such thing as a bloodless game when you play against the Titan of Baleros.

The Titan of Baleros, Book 11 of The Wandering Inn Series by pirateaba.

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