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Book 10 of The Wandering Inn

The Wind Runner

The Wind Runner

The floodwaters have receded, and the war is over. A ruler has fallen. The Wind Runner lives, missing yet not forgotten.

The world is changing, growing larger. After the horrors of war and the loss of spring comes the renewal of summer, a chance for a new beginning.

Ryoka Griffin has reappeared in Izril’s north. The Quarass is dead, yet the King of Destruction’s war continues. In the jungles of Baleros, Geneva and her friends fall under the shadow of the Titan of Baleros. Amidst it all, Erin Solstice grieves for the dead and pulls her family close. Yet there is always a door leading her onwards to a magical future…

The Wind Runner, Book 10 of The Wandering Inn Series by pirateaba.

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